Outstanding pet care

Here at 1066 Vets, we offer a wide range of veterinary services to help keep your pet in the best shape possible. More information on some our services can be found on our facilities page. Below you can also find information on both our emergency services, as well as our advice on pet vaccinations.


Complimentary Services

*New Puppy or Kitten consultation – if you have a new addition to your family and you would like them to have a general check over, we offer complimentary checks with one of our nursing team to welcome them to our surgery and the opportunity for us to meet your new puppy or kitten.  The nurse will be able to discuss any of the following topics:

  •   Diet
  •   Neutering
  •   Microchipping
  •   Parasite prevention
  •   Tooth care
  •   Training
  •   Insurance

Our nurses have a wealth of knowledge on looking after puppies and kittens that they would be happy to discuss with you whilst making a big fuss of your new pet.

* Please note this complimentary appointment is for healthy pets only. If you have a concern about your new pet's health or wellbeing, please arrange an appointment with one of our veterinary surgeons.


Check-ups for dispensing prescription only parasite preventative medicines – If your pet is in good health but you need to get some of their flea and worm treatment, we can offer an appointment with one of our Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVN’s) who will be happy to weigh them, discuss the products you are using and generally make a good fuss of them. If you struggle to administer the flea or worm treatments the nurses will of course do that while they are at our surgery.
Please note: If your pet has not had a consultation with a Veterinary Surgeon for 12 months or more, they MUST have a check-up with a vet if you require prescription only parasite treatments. This is to ensure we comply with medical licencing laws and that we are able to dispense the correct products for their weight and health.

We also offer a range of free Nurse Clinics to help you learn more about looking after your pet. For more details, please visit our Nurse Clinics page.