Give your pet the best start in life

Protect your pet against nasty illnesses

We believe that all pets should be vaccinated for their protection against a number of debilitating and potentially fatal diseases. It is important that your pet has a regular health check as part of their vaccination programme.

We have chosen the Nobivac range of vaccines as we believe they allow us to give your pet the best overall protection, while allowing us to individualise a regime for each animal. Vaccination is like an insurance policy, a risk assessment is made when choosing which vaccine is best for your pet. We do not vaccinate against every disease every year as this is not necessary. Nobivac Vaccines allow us to vaccinate against some diseases every third year. In so doing we minimise the risk, albeit low, against adverse reactions that vaccination can occasionally cause. We believe that the extra effort taken in formulating your pets vaccination is well worth it, even if we reduce one minor adverse reaction.

Dogs only need to be vaccinated against Parvo Virus and distemper every third year using Nobivac vaccines. It is critical however that dogs are vaccinated against Leptospirosis (Weils Disease) every year to protect from this often fatal disease.

Cats need vaccinations against "Flu" each year, but only need vaccination against enteritis every three years. Indoor cats should also be vaccinated against cat flu as it is so easily transmitted on our own shoes and clothing.

We can discuss with you your individual animals situation and help you make an informed decission. All of our contact information can be found here, so if you require any further information please get in touch today.

Most vaccinations for your pet are included within our Pet Health Club. To see all the benefits of being a PHC member, please click here.