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Waiting room and reception

A spacious, clean and modern area with separate cat and dog areas. A large range of products are available to buy over the counter for your pet's health and well-being. Including a wide range of foods, grooming products and flea and worm treatments. We also have next day delivery, so if you can't see what you were looking for we will order it in for you.


Our consultations are run on an appointment only basis. We always aim for you to see the same vet on every visit, please call for appointment times. All of our contact information can be found here.

Dedicated Surgery Suite

All of our instruments are sterilised with the latest top of the range autoclave, ensuring that infection is not transfered between instruments to the patient. We operate in a sterile theatre to minimise risks of infection and provide optimum care.


Cats and dogs are hospitalised in separate wards to minimise stress, in hygenic stainless steel enclosures with warm and cosy vet bedding. High tech monitoring equipment as well as constant company from our nursing team ensure that your pet's recovery is well monitored.


We have invested in the top of the line dental equipment to ensure your pet's teeth are cared for to the highest possible level.


We have recently upgraded to digital x-ray imaging, reducing the time an animal is under sedation whilst giving far superior quality of diagnostic imaging.


Here at 1066 vets, we now offer ultrasonography. This allows us gain a clearer insight into whats going on inside your pet.


We have the latest anaesthetic monitoring equipment including, Blood pressure and Pulse ox readers to accompany our veterinary nurses. We also use some of the safest anaesthetic agents avaliable.

Blood Analysis

We have an in-house blood analyser to obtain immediate and accurate results. For a wider range of tests, we use a same day courier service to an external veterinary laboratory.

For any further information, please contact the practice.