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Repeat Prescriptions

We offer repeat prescriptions for all our clients who have pets that are on long term medications.  Each case will be assessed individually and all pets will need to have a medication check-up consultation every 6 months, (more often if they are on variable medications that require more regular checks), to ensure they are in good health and are on the correct dosage.

These check-ups are vital as they are a way for the vet to discuss how your pet has been since the last visit to the surgery and whether there have been any changes that may indicate that the medications are not working as well as they were or that some side-effects are being displayed.


In all cases, if your pet has not been seen for more than 6 months we WILL NOT issue a repeat prescription without seeing your pet first.

For repeat flea and worm treatments we must see your pet annually for you to continue getting it from us.

If you would like a repeat prescription, please fill in the form below and indicate whether it is for the actual medications or for a written prescription for ordering medications on-line.


Please allow 24 hours for repeat prescriptions to be made up.  If you place an order on Friday or Saturday it will be available from the following Monday (or the next working day if over a bank holiday).  Please also ensure you provide us with a contact number in case the vet needs to discuss your pets condition with you.


If in the event that you find you have run out of your pet’s medications, please contact the surgery on 01424 839010.